To accomplish our vision, SSNOP has committed to a cradle to-career educational delivery system. We call it the Insulated Educational Pipeline. The three layers of the pipeline, as shown below, are: Education, After School and Summer Programs and Community Initiatives. 

Adapted from Forum for Youth Investment


Education:  The innermost layer is the educational core of the pipeline, focused on academic programs. The early years of life are critical to building a strong foundation for educational success. Providing academic support and enrichment activities through high school is essential to ensure college or career readiness. Therefore, each segment supports a specific academic stage of a child’s life, (i.e., Early Childhood, Middle School, Post-Secondary, etc.) The Hillsborough County Public Schools leads this effort with Sulphur Springs Head Start and Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School. 

After School and Summer Programs: The inner layer of the pipeline represents the multiple stakeholders, funders and non-profit organizations that provide after school and summer programs for children and families.  SSNOP is able to provide a broad range of services and programs for each segment of the educational pipeline through over 20 programs to prepare toddlers for Pre-kindergarten, homework assistance for elementary students, sports and recreation activities for middle school students, career training opportunities for young adults and healthy meals and snacks … just to name a few. This layer connects the students and family with the resources they need to apply what is learned in the classroom.

Community Initiatives: The outside layer of the pipeline illustrates the community initiatives that are needed to create an environment that is conducive to educational success. The services include the following: family support services provided by Devereux Kids; access to government services, adult education and jobs provided by Sulphur Springs Resource Center; new housing provided by the City of Tampa;  and renovated and rental housing provided by Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay.


A key part of the Educational Pipeline is measurable outcomes. To evaluate performance, SSNOP has identified four academic priorities: Parent Engagement, Attendance, Social and Emotional Learning and Academic Achievement.

Parent Engagement: Many factors influence a child’s ability to succeed and a child’s home life is one of the most important factors. Increased parent engagement is a key objective for SSNOP and various programs intentionally create regular opportunities to engage the parent or caregiver. 

Attendance: SSNOP monitors not only if a child participates but to what level they are engaged. The measurements for program participation are highly engaged, engaged, and active. SSNOP tracks attendance with all of the partners.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): A child’s ability to manage his or her emotions directly impacts their odds of success. To help improve development, SSNOP provides SEL training and programs to help shape the way a child handles the challenges and influences of the world around them. By providing SEL development skills, children are less likely to get in trouble and more likely to succeed in school.

Academic Achievement: Through our unique partnership with the Hillsborough County Public Schools, SSNOP is able to track the academic progress of targeted children living in Sulphur Springs. The access to academic data provides SSNOP with the ability not only to see how children are doing at grade level but to make changes to serve the needs of children individually.