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There has been strong investment and commitment in Sulphur Springs over the last decade. Central to the SSNOP initiative is the partnership with the Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS). The role of HCPS is to ensure that every child has access to highly effective teachers in great schools with strong systems of family and community support. The HCPS oversees the Sulphur Springs Head Start and the strong educational efforts of the principals and teachers at Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School. HCPS has assigned a senior evaluator to track student performance so by design, student achievement becomes the measure of success for the program.

The YMCA’s Community Learning Center and the United Way’s Sulphur Springs Resource Center have provided services to the community since 2009.  Layla’s House was established in 2012 as an early childhood resource center. The City of Tampa has taken the lead in providing improved housing in the area. Other key stakeholders are the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County, the Boys and Girls Club, JPMorgan Chase & Company and the Conn Memorial Foundation.  Numerous non-profit organizations and funders have provided a wide range of services and funding focused on young kids and after school needs. See OUR PARTNERS.


The leadership goals of SSNOP are to unite the efforts of the residents, over 60 service providers and funders and to synergize the activities of each partner by aligning activities around the common purpose of education. SSNOP strives to improve cooperation and communication and to develop various tools and mechanisms for measuring the educational improvements of the students. Each year measureable action plans are developed and evaluated by the leadership team.

The following diagram depicts various models for creating collaborative action plans. The SSNOP initiative is working to build the synergy model amongst its many partners.


SSNOP has formed a Leadership Council and various work groups which are reflected on the organizational chart.  The Leadership Council serves as the Board of Directors for SSNOP.The activities of the Leadership Council are discussed below and for the work groups see Work Group Activities.

SSNOP, INC. serves as the backbone support organization for the initiative and is a separate entity from the service providers. SSNOP, INC. provides planning, communications, data collection, reporting and on-going facilitation and support of all activities. 

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The Leadership Council is comprised of active residents and executive members from service providers and funders. The Leadership Council meets monthly and sets policies, goals and action plans.

Schedule: The Leadership Council meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 9:00am

Chair: Amy Haile, Champions for Children

Members: The members are noted below.


Leadership Council Members

Champions for Children,
Amy Haile, Executive Director
(Leadership Council Chair)

Children’s Board of Hillsborough County,
Maria Negron, Director of Programs

City of Tampa Neighborhoods,
Miray Ross Holmes, Neighborhood Empowerment

City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department,
Regina McBride-Smith, Team Supervisor II

Conn Memorial Foundation,
Sheff Crowder, CEO

Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay,
Jose Garcia, Executive Director

Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School
Meagan Smithyman, Community School Director


Tampa Family Health Centers,
Harold Jackson, Public Relations Director

Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA,
Matt Mitchell, CEO

United Way Suncoast

University of South Florida,
Howard Goldstein, Associate Dean for Research


SSNOP Management Team

Jacqueline Leeks, Executive Director of SSNOP
Curt McKay, Resident Engagement Director
Meagan Smithyman, Community School Director