The Sulphur Springs Neighborhood of Promise (SSNOP) is a collaborative effort of residents, educators, service providers, government agencies, business leaders and funding partners who have joined together to implement an educational program in which children thrive academically. The goals are to create a culture that promotes the caring, nurturing and successful education of children and to offer support services for the family and community in positive and productive settings.

The SSNOP community initiative strives to provide a child-focused educational delivery system that is family-friendly and easily accessible within the neighborhood.  


To create a promising future for the neighborhood where ALL children enter school prepared to succeed, function at grade level and graduate from high school prepared for college, technical school, and/ or career.


The SSNOP community initiative is taking a holistic approach to education focusing on the child, the family and the community. The concepts for transforming poverty stricken neighborhoods are complex. The work of Geoffrey Canada and the Harlem Children's Zone have been helpful in developing our strategies. The SSNOP approach is built upon three models: a Promise Neighborhood, the K-8 Community School and Economic Stability. Our Guiding Strategies are as follows:

Promise Neighborhood

A fundamental belief behind the SSNOP initiative is that all kids should grow up to be fully functioning participants in mainstream America’s economic and civic life

  •  Build a cradle to career educational model focused on children and their education
  • Strive to engage at least  60% of the children and families to create a tipping point for the neighborhood to succeed
  • Develop a collective impact model that aligns the schools, social service providers and community to accomplish the vision and create a culture of success
  • Ensure solutions and outcomes are data driven and measurable  

K-8 Community School

  • Develop a neighborhood school from Head Start to 8th grade to prepare kids for high school
  • Develop a community school that is represented by parent, school and community leaders
  • Cultivate opportunities for parent engagement in the social emotional and academic life of their child
  • Develop a technology focus that creates an opportunity for personalized learning to help close the achievement gap

 Economic Stability

  • Provide support services in the neighborhood that promote safety, jobs earning a living wage, affordable housing and a vibrant community